Thursday, May 12, 2016

2 Effective Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction

In general, the company implemented a business strategy using a combination between strategic offensive and defensive strategies. Offensive strategy itself is intended to obtain or acquire new customers. With this strategy the company hopes to mineningkatkan market share, sales and number of customers.kerja online While this defensive strategy used to reduce customer exit and beralaihnya customers to use other products.

This strategy aims to minimize customer turnover and maximize customer retention by protecting products and markets (customers) of perusahaa competitors. In penilitian that many do have a market share strategy hbungan very eret with customer satisfaction. Both can increase the profit of a company, but there are perbeddaan between them. Where the reach and increase their own market share was an offensive strategy.

Sdangkan to customer satisfaction and to build obstacle diversion merupaka defensive strategy. Here perbadaan both when presented in the table Aspect Market share Customer satisfaction Use Used on a market with low growth or have experienced saturation Used on a market whose growth rate is low or has been saturated types of strategies offensive defensive point of convergence Competition Customer Measuring success The market share relative to the competition Customer retention rate behavioral objectives The transfer of the buyer kesetian buyers As for the defensive strategies menjdi divided into two, namely the obstacles diversion (switching barriers) and customer satisfaction. Here is an explanation of the two sections:

 1. Transfer of Strategy Formation Obstacles In this staretegi rintangn companies should establish a diversion, so when customers will switch suppliers feel the loss, Mersa reluctant, or will spend a greater cost than if we were supplying. This diversion obstacles can include the search costs, transaction costs, pbelajar or understanding, pieces for regular customers, and cognitive efforts.kerja sampingan Can also be a costly exercise, in addition to employees, the capital cost for changes and additional costs required to complement the new perelatan. Kesemuannya be achieved if the company can make and menjalain harmonious relationship, intimate and mutual benefit and pelanggannnya anatara company.

 2. Customer Satisfaction Strategy This Strategy will make the company's competitors have to work hard and spend more in order to seize the company's customers suatau. Things to note that customer satisfaction is a strategy in the long term that requires commitment, both in terms of resources or DAA mausianya. The strategies that can dipaduan to achieve and enhance customer satisfaction. a. Steamy marketing strategy Relationship Marketing, yaiu strategy diamana exchange transaction between sellers and buyers of sustainable, does not end the account after a transaction or sale is completed.

Denagan other words, that occurs kemuitraan with consumers continuously resulting in loyalty or customer loyalty so menimbulakan repeat business. However, there were bullet diperhatiakan that impact customer satisfaction to loyalty and repeat purchases from customers that vary untu each company. Loyal customers do not necessarily feel satisfaction, but instead of satisfied customers tend to have loyalty to a product.

As one of the variants of this relationship is the Frequency Marketing, which seuatu weeks to maintain the business, increase the HSIL of the best customers, by way menjalain long-term relationship and interactive value added services.manajemen keuangan b. Cutomer service superior strategy, a strategy that offers the captors were better than the company's competitors. In this case memebutuhkan substantial funds, human resources capacity, and great effort in order to create superior waitress But often companies offer better srvice cutomer will give you a higher price on the product. However perusahaa will gain considerable benefits from a better servant, in the form of enterprise level rapid and substantial profit.

 c. Guarentees uncondinental strategy, in this stretagi memeberikan company is committed to customer satisfaction which will be realtionship dynamism nati improvement of product quality and company performance, or JSA. And this also can motivate employees to improve their performance levels than ever before. d. Strategy handling complaints efficiently. In this case penangana complaints against dissatisfied customers will be giving out chances of such customers become dissatisfied with the company's products and can bahakan menjdi customers who are loyal to the company.

The involvement of top management in the handle or respond to a complaint can also memberrikan positive impact.strategi pemasaran These customers are more pleased disebakan deal with orwang who have the authority or power to make decisions and pemacahan their problems. And also the customers feel that the company pay attention to complaints meraka and willing to improve its shortcomings. e. The strategy for improving the performance of the company, in this case includes a variety of efforts such as malakukan monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction continuously, memeberikan training of management and employees of the public relations and salesmanship. f. Applying Quality Function Deployment (QFD), is a practice for membuata a process as a response to customer needs.