Thursday, May 12, 2016

What Functions and Objectives Marketing Strategy?

In the world of business strategy or tactics very multak needed to support the company's progress. These strategies can include many things, eg production strategies in order to minimize the cost or expense of the company. There is also a marketing strategy or marketing strategy. What is the marketing strategy? A simple understanding of marketing or marketing strategy is the attempt to create a direct and specific standards in public life.

The simple logic is, we establish new standards that did not previously exist or change the old standards with new standards that we offer. For example, Apple with their iPhone become standard for every premium class smartphone. Then what is the purpose of marketing strategies such goods or services? Obviously a great deal of interest to develop a marketing strategy for the future development of the company. Here are some of the role or function of marketing strategies for goods and services: Increases the motivation to think ahead. Thinking out of the box is very necessary to keep the rhythm, or the continuity of the company.

Every now and then do not continue to follow the rhythm of the market, but try to hit the market with something new. Coordination of marketing more effective and focused. Something that does not have a goal or strategy will certainly run with the mess. With the marketing strategy will create a coordination team to be much better and focused. Can formulate objectives / goals that the company will be achieved. With the help of this strategy, entrepreneurs can be helped to better purpose detailing what the company wants to achieve. Either long term or short term.

Supervision of marketing activities more effectively on standard performance. Of course, in terms of marketing need to be supervised each team member to improve the quality, or the quality. Those are the four functions of marketing staregi. Then what is the purpose dibentu the marketing strategy? Here is a destination marketing strategy of goods and services: Improving the quality of coordination in the marketing team Measure marketing results based on the applicable standard of achievement Provide a logical basis in decision-making Being able to improve the ability to adapt if there are changes in marketing. It had been a discussion about the purpose and function of marketing strategy. Hopefully enough can help you to improve the quality and performance of the company.