Thursday, May 12, 2016

What Is a Market?

The term of this market contains a lot of sense, to mean anyone meeting place for sellers and buyers, Aatu titawarkan services for sale, and transfer of ownership occurs. And some who interpret the market is sutau request made by a group of oran in the form of potential buyers of the goods or services.

Basically, the market is a place or places where there are potential buyers and sellers with products that are ready to be on offer to the buyer. However, the above notions are still very general nature, whereas when we define the market more specifically that the market consists of all potential customers who have a need for services or products that may be able or willing to malakukan exchange process in order to meet those needs.

With such a large market kecinya affected by how banayak of people with who have needs, have the resources in NESS others and are willing to offer these resources to be exchanged in order to meet their needs. As discussed in a previous article the market is divided into two kinds, namely end-consumer market and organizational market (business market). End consumer market made up of individuals and households tujaun of purchasing products or services used for personal needs or for direct consumption.

This consumer market behavior can be influenced by several factors, such as cultural, social, personal, and psychological. With these factors will be giving out instructions on how your can reach and serve customers better and effective. By doing so the company can benefit in the form of material and loyal customers or loyal to the company's products.contoh laporan keuangan Before the company plans a marketing progarm, perusahaann need mengethui who target consumers, and how their decision process.

By doing so the company can make products that match consumer target and can also save costs. Therefore sanagt market analysis is required to determine the role of each person in influencing decision-making, their buying criteria, and their influence upon purchase. This is very important because it has implications and designing products, define the communication messages and mangalokasikan budget for promotion (advertising).

 While the market for organisasioanal commonly called the producer market because buyers are producers who will rework the purchased product. This market consists of organizations, industrial users, traders, government, and non-profit institutions that tujaun purchase for processed again until the final product is ready to be resold, leased, was supplied to other parties, either for profit (profit) or to the welfare of its members. The characteristics that distinguish business markets invitation consumer market, such as:pengertian akuntansi

 Buyer (consumer) market organizational less than the consumer market, because buyers usually only organizational market companies or specific industries. Volume (number) purchase larger / more than the consumer market, because the product is processed and sold dbeli the longer it would require a large number. Anatar supplier relationships with customers more familiar and close Buyers (consumers) are more concentrated geographically, for example in the industrial city, shopping in puast crowd.

Demand is likely to be a derived demand (derived demand) Permintaanya inelastic (the demand is not influenced by changes in the price), because consumers (companies or industries) any price certainly right to buy such products to make the products that are sold again. His request volatile iron and on new factories and equipment The purchase is done professionally by the biological purchasing agent who has been trained, the company will send people here who are experienced and competent to lobby and bargain products to be purchased to meet the needs of the company.siklus akuntansi People that affect purchasing decisions

Papada business market tends more than the consumer market Any purchase made directly from the factory, and not infrequently sales are reciprocal exchanges. Let's say the car companies want to buy tires, then the purchase will be made directly in the plant and the number of purchase much that it can not be done at the dealer or tire shop.