Thursday, May 12, 2016

What is the definition of Market or the Market?

The size of a market seen from the number of buyers that exist on the market. Potential buyers it has three principal characteristics, namely interest, income and of action. Pursuant to the three characteristics of the potential buyers of the then existing five-level definition of the market, namely: The market potential (potential market), this market can be defined sekumpualan people (consumers) who have certain tiers

mIAT against panawaran particular market. for example, all those who expressed a desire (minatanya) to buy a mobl. Market provided (available markat), can say as a set of consumers who have an interest, and income aksse against certain markets. in this market consumers could tau ability (purchasing power) to buy a car. In addition hamnbatan access also resolved, meaning that the car is available in the consumer area. Available market eligible (qualified available market),

which is a collection of buyers who have an interest, access, income and qualifications for a particular market deals. suppose the government to introduce legislation (malarang) car sales to consumers who are still under the age of 18 years. Thus, even if the consumer has of action, income (purchasing power), an interest but if not 18 know that he was not available pasarv eligible. The markets served (served market or target market) is the market that meruapak part of the market provided eligible (qualified available market) who want diasuki by a company. For example, when the car manufacturer decided to focus its marketing and distribution in Jakarta,

then Jarta into markets served. Market penetration (penetrated market), which is a set of consumers (buyers) who actually have purchased the product. So in this respect are included in market penetration adalh they (consumers) who have sunggguh really bought the car manufacturer. An understanding of the level of market definition ii very useful for companies for marketing planning. If a marketer (manufacturer) has not been or are not satisfied with the results of the sale today, it prosusen can perform certain actions or manner.

 The manufacturer may try to pull the percentage of buyers from markets served larger. Manufacturers can expand its marketing by opening a distribution on other areas or with lower prices. In addition DAPT manufacturers advertise their products agra expand the market potential and also attract consumers who previously was not interested.