Thursday, May 12, 2016

3 Effective Strategies Market Coverage

In this strategy the group associated with the scope or cangkupan of a market that can be served. In stretegi market coverage, there are three strategies, including the single market strategy, multi-market strategy, and overall market strategy. And each every kind dtrategi will be described in the following sections.

 1.Strategi Single Market Companies engaged in a specific single market must have a variety of underlying reasons why they should move specific single market. let's say the company has its limitations and and resources, the potential market segments, da wanted to achieve a strong market position in segman served. As to be able to avoid direct competition from large companies, the smaller companies to concentrate more on specific market segments in order to be able to concentrate on customer service, usually small companies will choose a unique market niche. Selected markets usually can be neglected Yag market Segen tau [un segments underserved or less attractive (for large companies usually consider this segment too small).

 The main objective of this strategy is to seek segman market that is still overlooked or underserved, then the company will strive to meet the needs that exist in the segment. So the results to be achieved gods low cost and earnings (profits) yag great. If the strategy is successful, the companies engaged in this strategy will have its own reputation in these market segments, which he ran, but it also contains risks srategi well. This risk when changes in the form of the environment, especially in case of changing market tastes. In the event of changes in market tastes, it will result in a decrease in earnings of companies overall penhaslisan be shaken.

 Sealin it when the market segment is bringing in huge profits so many possibilities for the pesaig also kana go jump in that market segment. Given that many competitors have kana resulted in the company's profitability will decline. To use ni strategy while the requirements that must be met, including: Sagmen serve these markets with sngguh seriously, walaupu there are difficulties. Due to the firm's profit is only found in the segment. Avoid competing with companies that have mepan, because they already have many customers who remain and their products have been recognized by the market segment.

2.Strategi Multi-Market In contrast to the single psasar strategies only focus on serving the market segment alone, in this strategy the company will serve several market segments at once. As for the efforts made DAPT can be: Selling different products and market segments menjualanya in belainan anyway. Distribute the same product to a number of market segments berlainanan. In this strategy contains objectives to diversify and reduce the risk, so the company is not only hanging by one market segment only. With so if shocks or decrease to a segment of the market, then these do not affect the company.

The conditions for implementing the strategy in i is: Selecting and mempertimangkan carefully and with great care market segments it serves. Avoid confrontation with the companies that cater to every segment of the market. By using this strategy is expected the company will achieve an increase in sales and market share. These results will be easily achieved, if every product sold and market segments dilyania provide positive synergies. 3. Overall Market Strategy This strategy is done by meyani every spectrum of the market by selling products that teriferensiasi the market segments are different. Suppose a textile company would be to offering clothing for all market segments in the form of all age groups and both sexes.

 In this strategy the company has a goal to rival all existing products on the market. The companies that apply ii strategy that companies already established and dominant. In this strategy must consider several things, namely: Companies should do kombinsai disproportionately depending terhdap aspect of price, product, promotion, and strategies distrubusi on different segments. Hendakya top management has a strong commitment to seek to encompass and also serve all markets.

 Companies should have a very strong position keuagan. It is absolutely not possible because a company will serve all market segments without strong financial support. The results can diacapai with this strategy is that there is growth and market share expanded. This strategy is only a few who dare to implement it, including IBM (computer mainframe and personal computer), Cola-Cola (engaged in drinks with a variety of flavors, such as Cola-Cola, Sprite, Tab, Fresca, Fanta, Minute Maid, and Diet cuke) and General Motors (its products are Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac, and small trucks).